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Experience of software development in information systems, machine learning, data mining and natural language processing.
Experience of web development in the area of e-commerce, internet marketing, blogging and online intelligent systems.
Experience of data science in the area of medical science, game-based learning, online internet marketing and sensing systems.
Strong and firm database administration concepts with practical exposure on various projects including almost all the levels i.e. application, network, distributed etc.
Strong and firm HDFS concepts primarily including map-reducing, hashing, single-node and multinode clustering.
Experience in system development, database development and project planning.
Extensive experience in client management, includes requirement collection, analysis, database design, issues handling, time estimation and project planning.
Expertise in Languages: All imperative and functional Languages.
Professional analytical experience in Matlab 2006, 2010 and 2014, Weka, RapidMiner, Tableau, Luminaso, Python (sklearn, numpy, scipy and matplotlib), R programming language, hive, pigLatin and hortonworks.

  • Machine Learning Skill %

    Data Science

  • Big Data Mining Skill %


  • Natural Language Processing Skill %

    Sentiment Analysis

  • Analytical Programming Skill %

    R, Matlab and Python

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