Project Type: Predictive Modeling

Domain: Medical

PREdiCCt- The Prognostic Effect of Environmental Factors in Crohn’s and Colitis

Description of Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a common cause of chronic ill-health among young people in Scotland (prevalence estimated at 1 in 200 for adults and 1 in 2000 for children, with a peak incidence in the 2nd and 3rd decades of life).1,2 The major forms of IBD, namely Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), all too often confer a lifetime of unpleasant, intrusive and potentially dangerous burden of intestinal inflammation on individuals. Typical symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhoea, weight loss, and lethargy. These adversely affect schooling, work attainment, psycho-social well-being and sexual health. The health economic burden of IBD is considerable.
Existing treatment modalities are limited by lack of efficacy, unacceptable toxicity and poor patient acceptability. Major surgical intervention is frequently required (>50% in CD; ~20% in UC), with a high risk of disease recurrence. Moreover, our ability to predict which individuals will follow an aggressive disease course to enable targeted therapy is sorely lacking.
PREdiCCt Model

Results & Demonstration

Dimensions Dep. Avg MSE Standard Deviation Variance Accuracy CI %
57 1 0.3179 0.3637 0.1322 86.78% -
Selected Features 17 1 0.0396 0.0157 0.000024799 98% 95%
Selected Features 15 1 0.0400 0.0099 0.0000988 99% 99%

Echo state network is found to be the best technique for predictive modeling of IBD patients dataset used in this project. This technique has outperformed the other clinically acclaimed standard logistic regression technique and successfully set a new benchmark of faecal calprotectin for Inflammatory bowling disease.

Project Type: Predictive Modeling

Domain: Gaming

Predictive Modeling for Mobile Games

Description of Role

Support strategy for driving user acquisition and improving monetization.
Help to define new monetization features and functionality requirements and work with key stakeholders to execute.
Defines and drives processes internally and with partners to collect/analyze data and facilitate agile decision-making. Actively monitor key performance metrics and analyze customer behavior using data provided by operation team. Review and support of financial analysis and modeling for ongoing operations. Develops hypotheses and tests them by analyzing game data to drive critical decision making, user experience and monetization and revenue strategies. Creates analysis models and data sets to better understand and predict user behavior. Works closely with producers to identify key questions, data or user trends that can drive product development and user experience.


Visualization of Game Analytics

Project Type: Predictive Modeling

Domain: Stock Market Analysis

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